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Here’s Everything Your Getting For Just $5.

The system I outline in this meditation book is based on sound scientific evidence and is working great for myself, my students, my clients, and I strongly believe it can help you, too.

I’m not suggesting that everybody who reads it is going to master their minds, discover their true potential, or reach Nirvana.

But If you are committed to self-development and transformation, I believe the insight and knowledge attained from this meditation book will change the path of your life forever.

With that said let me show you…

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting.

First of all, this is dramatically different from any other meditation book you’ve ever read. There are no esoteric or metaphysics concepts, just time tested and evidence-based techniques and formulas that are working right now.

And it’s easy to read,

You will immediately get the entire system and formulas I developed after 15 years of researching the Ancient Wisdom Texts of the Vedas, Buddhism, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and hundreds of proven scientific studies on meditation.

It’s the same comprehensive system and complete guide I’ve used to teach exclusively to my private clients and to my students in many of the universities I’ve taught in.

It’s About Much More Than Meditation.

The system in this Meditation book will help you to transform all areas of your life.

As you release stress and limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, you will start to unlock the full potential of your mind, and a world full of new possibilities will open up.

For example, I’ve helped Doctors, Psychologists, Scientists, Accounts even builders make life-changing transformations to their health and well-being with what I’m going to share with you in this book.

I’ve helped students used the visualization techniques you will learn in this book to for-see themselves presenting well in the job interview and getting the dream job they were seeking, and it altered the path of their lives forever.

Other clients have used the same strategies in this book to naturally reduce stress and anxiety in their life to manageable levels. (They Were able to wean off medications  to the amazement of their doctors.)

I also use the same strategies to help one of my students better manage the stress of studying for exams. (She went on to pass her exams, and to further build successful careers as an outcome.)

On Top of that…

I’ve even helped a Buddhist, even though she had been meditating from childhood for over 30 years, the stress and challenges of the modern world took a serious toll on her health to a point where she became ill and could not perform work or daily activities.

I introduced her to the meditation techniques and methods in this meditation book, and her life changed completely. I helped her develop a clearer understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and advised her how to apply them in a way relevant to our modern daily life.

Her stress levels reduced considerably, she became well again and her energy levels and confidence boosted. She developed a clear vision for her future and her life’s purpose, allowing her to live a successful fulfilling life.

So like I said there is more to this book than just basic meditation techniques.

Here is a Fraction of What You’ll Learn.


  • Proven Techniques to Naturally Boosts the Production of Happy Neurochemicals In The Brain Without Pills or Medication. This is what the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know about. (Page 63.)
  • A Simple and Effective Five-Step Formula to Naturally Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Live a More Successful, Fulfinning, Happy, Healthy Life. (Page 45)
  • The best way to Wisely Analyse Unhelpful Thinking Patterns and Replace Them with Positive Thoughts That More Closely Reflect Reality. Learning This Meditation technique is very important today more than ever. (Page 68.)
  • Innovative Ways Eliminate Stress and Overwhelm In your Daily Life, Even if You Have Tried Before And Were Not Successful. New Innovative way. (Page 64.)
  • You’ll Learn How to Transform Mindfulness Meditation to a Higher Level. Even if You Have tried before but were not successful. Learn 5 Innovative Ways to Combine Mindfulness With Other Scientifically Proven Techniques. (Page 45.)
  • What You Should Never Do When Trying to Meditate if You Want To Develop a Long Lasting Meditation Practice. Your life could depend on this. (Page 32.)
  • You Need To Automatically Stop Your Thoughts When Trying to Meditate, right? Wrong! Here is a Brand New Approach That’s Simply Much Easier To Implement. (Page 29.)
  • How to Meditate with Easy Without Worrying About Stopping Your Thoughts and Stiling Your mind. It’s easier than you think. (Page 70.)
  • Overcome The Most Common Obstacles And Misconceptions of Meditation. This one thing will transform your meditation practice. (Page 28.)
  • Say Goodbye To a Busy Mind And Repetitive Unhelpful Thinking Patterns. Discover How To Develop a Calm Peaceful Tranquil Mind. On page. (Page 71.)
  • The Truth About Just Being Present All The Time And Why It Does Not Always Work. Discover What You Can Do About it. (Page 32.)
  • The Real way to Develop Higher Levels of Awareness. Respond to Life Events With Greater Skill, Intuition, and Wisdom. (Page 37.)
  • New ways to Balance and Calm a Busy Mind so You Can Get a Good Night Sleep. (Page 68.)
  • A Proven Way to Naturally Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Your Life Without Medication. Eye-opening statistics and recent scientific studies. (Page 64.)
  • Can Meditation Really Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke? Read about the scientific evidence validating that it’s absolutely possible. (Page 20.)
  • A Proven Way To Enhance Your  Focus and Concentration. ( Boost your Productivity with more ease.) (Page 53.)
  • How to Boost Your Self Confidence, Self Esteem, and Optimism to Higher Levels. It’s all about your mindset. See (Page 72.)
  • The Secret to Meditating With Ease With Worrying About The Past, The Future, or Being in The Present Moment All of The Time. There is a New 5 Step Formula. See more on (page 58.)
  • Discover The Best Ways To Make Meditation a Daily Habit and Enhance Your Meditation Experience by Implementing Proven Strategies That Will Allow You To Really Enjoy Meditation Practice. (Page 73.)


 You’re right: That’s a lot of time tested strategies and tactics. And this book contains methodologies that nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it.

But it gets better, Inside Of This NEW Digital Meditation Book… Here Are A Few More Secrets You’ll Also Discover.


A Revolutionary New Meditation System Modeled On The Secret Formula The Buddha Taught His Disciples After Attaining Enlightenment.

In the middle of this book, you’re getting a complete guide to the most powerful meditation methodology ever developed in history.

I’ve decoded the Buddha’s teaching and formulated them into a system designed for the world we live in today.

You will learn how to apply this revolutionary formula step by step to transform all areas of your life.

This simple but effective formula the Buddha taught is the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of your mind and is working really well for my personal clients. Unfortunately, many meditation teachers pay little attention to it, or have omitted it totally from their teachings.

The best part of this is that it’s…

Specifically Designed People Who Are Struggling With Their Meditation Practice.

If you’re challenged meditating for any reason at all, or because you can not stop your thoughts, or be in the present moment all the time, this is what you have been looking for.

And that’s why I’ve spent years developing the system I’ll be giving you in this book.

When you use it, two things will happen,

First, you will be able to access higher states of consciousness that will help you to wisely analyze triggers of unhelpful repetitive thoughts and thinking processes that are holding you back.

This is very important because as you develop higher levels of awareness and an intimate understanding of your mind’s thinking patterns, purification of the mind occurs. The mind returns back to its natural state that is peaceful, positive, and calm.

Then the next thing you will notice is this..


You, Will, Develop a Positive Mindset and Know How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.


You’ll learn how to redirect your mind to overcome obstacles and come up with solutions. You will notice your self thinking more clearly and focusing on more empowering thoughts. You will start to unleash the full potential of your mind and develop a clear vision for your future.

That’s because of the way the system works….

I created the method using a Combination of Scientifically Proven Meditation Techniques. The formula includes Analytical Meditation Techniques, Focused Attention Meditation Techniques, Affirmation Techniques, and Visualization Techniques.

The best thing about this new approach is that the meditation techniques are customized to suit your own unique needs and lifestyle.


Here’s What To Do Next

The cost of the book is only $5.60, as soon as you place your order you’ll get an automated receipt with a link to download the digital book directly.

You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for the mailman. Oh, and in case you’re wondering.

There Is No Catch

I realize this is very inexpensive…so you might be wondering what the “catch’ is. I know there are some websites out there that are offering you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This is not one of them.

There is NO hidden “continuity program” you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I’m literally giving you this entire book, for $5.60 as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you will love it and this will be the start of a good working relationship for years to come, and you will call me and want to take additional classes and training from me.


Time Is Of The Essence.

This really is a Promotional offerwith all of the Bonuses and will not always be available.


 Meditation Book Bonuses

Bonus Number #1

Meditation Mastery 7-Day Meditation Masterclass Series.

In this training, You’ll Learn everything you need to know to be able to confidently meditate and develop and empowering mediation practice.

Bonus Number #2

You’re Also Getting Two Advanced 45-Minute Masterclass Video Training, Free.

During this training, I’ll walk you through exactly what’s working so well to transform my private client’s lives.

And there is no charge for it. I want you to have this as a gift for checking out my book.

So as a one time offer for my book buyers, I will also include a 90-min Masterclass on:

How You Can Apply The Buddha’s
Unique “4 Noble Truths Formula” to Your Life.”

 Learning this technique will help you:

  • Develop higher levels of awareness so you can respond to life events with greater skill, intuition, and wisdom
  • Skillfully manage your reactions to perceived stressful events in your life, so you can develop a calmer, peaceful mind.
  • Discover new innovative ways to combine mindfulness with other scientifically proven techniques.
  • Tap into the unlimited potential of your mind so you can become the creator of your destiny and live a more successful, happy, and fulfilling life.

And I want to share those strategies with you in the master class for free. 

Additionally, in the masterclass, I Will Walk You Through,


Bonus Number #3

The World’s Easiest and Most Powerful Relaxation Technique. “Yoga Nidra Meditation”

Yoga Nidra Meditation A Scientifically Proven Way to Natural Release Deep Rooted Physical, Mental And Emotional Tensions And Reach Higher Levels of Inner Peace and Happiness.

This technique is so effective and reliable at reducing stress it is commonly used to successfully treat soldiers returning from war who suffer from post-traumatic stress.

I am very confident it will be very beneficial to your life as well. So make sure you watch the masterclass.

With that said, i want you to know this is a one time offer and I want to make it totally irresistible and very helpful for you. If you click the link below and order the Art And Science of Meditation ebook right now for just $5.60


The entire package is normally valued at about $247, You can access it all as a one time offer for only $5.60. by clicking the BUTTON below.

This is Truly A Limited Offer

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and
I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Tony Myers


In case you’re one one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the letters, here’s the overview:

I’m offering you my 96-page ebook called The Art and Science of Mastering Meditation

The Meditation book is only $5.60 and your also getting 3 Bonus Meditation Masterclass Training for FREE.

Within Bonus Masterclass Number 1 I will also walk you a masterclass on the Revolutionary New Meditation System I created that is Modelled On The Secret Formula the Buddha First Taught to His Disciples After Attaining Enlightenment. ( Don’t worry I’ve simplified the process and formulated it so it’s relevant for the 21st century that we live in)

What’s important about this mythology is that it does not require you to try and stop your thoughts, just be in the present moment all the time or repeat secret mantras.

(An in my experience, it simply works better than anything else taught today)

Bonus Masterclass Number 2 is all about Yoga Nidra Meditation.

On top of all of that, I’m also giving you a 7-Day Meditation Mastery Masterclass Training Series, and it shows you exactly how to implement what you have learned in the book and much more.

This is a very limited offer because of the free online training component.

There is no “catch” to this offer. You will not be signing up for any ‘’trial’’ to some monthly program or anything like that.

Plus, if you don’t like the book, let me know and I’II even give your $5.60 back, and you can keep the book and the bonuses.